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CM Advisers (CMA) Pte. Ltd. is a 100% subsidiary of SESAMi (Holding) Pte Ltd. We have been a MAS regulated, CMS licensed operator since March 2017.

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Investment Products

Secured Term Loans

Corporate loans backed security. The security in such deals are primarily real estate, but can also include other assets

Unsecured Term Loans

These securities come in the form of loans to creditworthy corporate borrowers 

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order (PO) financing is generally for orders from MNCs to larger CMEs. Most PO financing deals are derived through Sesami's own supply chain procurement business

Investment Products



Low Commission Fees


Our alternative credit instruments have interest rates which start from 7% and go as high as 20% per annum, with the average returns ranging around 9 – 12%

Typical tenor of most transactions are 12 months or less. Transactions that do not have security have short tenors of 3 months or less and are likely to involve purchase order financing

CM Advisers typically charges its users between 10 - 20% commission on interest rate, with the vast majority of the deals being done at 10%


Default Rate 

(As of End Dec 2020)


Rate of Returns

(Weighted Average of End Dec 2020)


Why Invest

Alternative Credit Products offer a diversification to an investment portfolio. There is less mark - to - market volatility. Even within the credit universe, there are lower correlation with high yield fixed income instruments. Given that there are pledged securities for most of the corporate loans in CM Advisers, higher recovery of principal is achievable in a default scenario. CM Advisers will almost always seek personal guarantees in the transactions and seek to enforce them in a default

User On Boarding

As CM Advisers is CMS licensed entity, each user must be an Accredited Investor. An Accredited Investor is defined by the MAS under the Securities and Future’s Act as:

Accredited Investor (Individual)


1. Net Personal Assets exceeding S$2 million (of its equivalent in a foreign current) OR

2. Financial Assets (Net of any related liabilities) exceed S$1 million in value (or its equivalent in a foreign currency) OR

3. Income in the preceding 12 months is not less than S$300,000 (or its equivalent in a foreign currency)

Accredited Investor (Corporation)


A corporation with net assets exceeding S$10 million in value (or its equivalent in a foreign currency) as determined by:

1. The most recent audited balance - sheet of the corporation OR

2. A balance - sheet of the corporation certified by the corporation as giving a true and fair view of the statement and affairs of the corporation


Credit Process

High Focus on the Credit Approval Process and Investor Transparency​

Dataroom Function


CM Advisers also offers a full data room post signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which provides investors with a suite of due diligence documents which can include:

  • Financial statements of borrowing entity

  • ACRA / BizFiles for Corporate Borrowing entity as well as for Personal Guarantee for each respective facility and more

Vast Credit Expertise


Our credit team along with our 2 directors at CMA have a vast credit and underwriting experience with more than 10+ years of experience in the alternative credit space


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